Incentive, a tool of motivation and cohesion at the service of management to reinforce the synergy and cohesion of your teams

In order to unite your collaborators and create a new link between them and the company, nothing beats the surprise of offering them the possibility to enjoy themselves throughout fun, athletic or cultural activities.

Nepsa will help you reach your animation and motivational goals through Athletic incentive, stimulation sessions, team building, loyalty seminars, etc. Face new challenges outside the walls of your company, which will unite your group. It’s up to us to conceive an event that will ensure the development of your company.

Trips intended to increase loyalty and stimulate collaborators
Seminars and events
Excursions and unusual discoveries
Team building
Sessions, general assemblies in new and original venues
  Salon Envol, Geneva International Airport
  ICCA Conference 2011
  Medical Symposium “Sail & Scalpel”
  Conference for the fiduciaries associated
to the ORFA for French Speaking
Switzerland, Lausanne
  "Cité des métiers"
  Wsava Conference
  UEFA Euro 2008
  Geneva 2000
  Other incentives
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